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  • Coccoon Enriching Hair Mask with Coconut & Honey

    Coccoon Enriching Hair Mask specifically repairs and reconstructs dry, damaged and stressed hair - you may call it a restorer for your hair crimes of colouring and/or hair styling. Time to ditch those greasy home-made hair masks for our ムintense hydrationメ non-greasy wonder formulated with natural benefits of Coconut Oil & Honey. While Honey feeds hair follicles that house the live part of hair, Coconut Oil improves hair cuticles and scalp health making your hair silky, smooth and manageable. Feel free to use this mask from your scalp, as it contains no harmful chemicals. Pro Tip: It can be used as a conditioner as often as you wash your hair if you keep it for 5-7 mins. We recommend leaving it on for 15-20 mins after shampooing at least once in a week to see visible results. Learn More
  • Coccoon Nourishing Hair Mask with Olive Oil, Green Tea & Apple

    "We really mean it when we say ‘Deep Conditioning’! Feel free to apply this all the way from your scalp (yes, we know your hairdresser recommends not to use conditioner on your scalp), because our formulation has no harmful chemicals just effective natural actives such as Green Tea and Green Apple. The antioxidants with Olive Oil give the perfect shine, while strengthening your hair from your roots. Pro Tip: It can be used as a conditioner as often as you wash your hair, if you keep it for 2-5 mins. We recommend leaving it on for 15-20 mins after shampooing at least once in a week to see visible results. " Learn More
  • Coccoon Polishing Hair Mist with Green Tea & Apple

    All your frustration and tears while brushing your tangled hair have nothing on you with the advent of Coccoon's Polishing Hair Mist. It creates magic, smoothening and hydrating each strand, leaving you feeling fresh and re-vitalized with natural extracts of Green Tea & Green Apple. Whilst being an ALCOHOL FREE HAIR FRAGRANCE, Coccoon's Polishing Hair Mist also acts as a cooling agent, a simple solution to hot, humid weather. Learn More
  • Coccoon Protective Hair Serum with Argan Oil & Vitamin E

    Want instant shine + hydration + protection for your hair? Say hello to healthy lustrous hair after using our Vitamin E & Argan Oil hair serum that deeply penetrates your hair to detangle, condition, fight frizz and protect from breakage. To add to its magic - this is your everyday shield from the damaging effects of heat styling tools. We highly recommend using this non-greasy hair serum before dry hair styling or for damp hair sculping as a leave on treatment to reduce hair damage. Learn More

  • Sova Bhringraj & Kerala Cinnamon Shampoo

    Bhringraj or the “Maharaja of Hair” was recommended by age-old ayurvedic sages for healthy hair. Specially combined with Cinnamon from Kerala, this shampoo gives your hair nature’s best and significantly reduces hair fall. It is gentle enough to use daily Learn More
  • Sova Brahmi & Hibiscus Hair Massage Oil

    Brahmi is called the "herb of grace". This ancient ayurvedic herb soothes and relaxes the mind while giving deep nourishment to your scalp and roots. Hibiscus promotes hair growth and has anti-aging properties. This oil is infused with a total of 16 exoti Learn More
  • Sova Draksh & Bitter Orange Flower Luxury Hair Oil

    Fragrant Bitter Orange flowers, hand-plucked from the Himalayas and intense Draksh oil give your hair deep-root nourishment. Regular massage with this oil will hydrate your hair and repair damage, leaving you with healthy and luxuriously shiny hair. Learn More
  • Sova Jatamansi Root & Indian Rose Shampoo

    With Jatamansi Root sourced from the upper reaches of the Himalayas and Indian Rose to gently caress and cleanse your hair, this ayurveda inspired shampoo will give your roots strength and leave your treated hair feeling shiny, healthy and strong. Learn More
  • Sova Kashmiri Walnut & Violet Flower Anti Frizz Hair Serum

    Fresh Walnuts from the valley of Kashmir and delicate Violet Flowers work together quietly to soothe frizzy hair and give it that special smooth, silky finish. This anti frizz hair serum is a great solution for dry/damaged hair.It also acts as a sunscreen Learn More
  • Sova Patchouli & Sweet Almond Conditioner

    Let your hair soak in the goodness of Sweet Almonds and musky Patchouli oil. Combined to add strength and shine, this conditioner will soothe your treated hair, absorbing the goodness and will leave your hair feeling divinely smooth and shiny. This ayurve Learn More
  • Sova Saffron & Kalpavriksha Seed Overnight Hair Repair Mist

    Exotic Persian Saffron and the seed of the mighty Kalpavriksha (Baobab Tree) make this a unique blend that repairs hair damaged from chemicals, pollution and UV rays. Specially good for mending brittle hair and split ends, this mist will leave your hair f Learn More

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