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  • Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (13 gm)

    Removes dulling surface debris and evens skin tone. Reveals brighter, smoother skin. Gentle enough for daily use. Learn More
  • Dr. Schellar Argan Oil & Amaranth Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Serum

    Full concentration: The intensive serum for face, neck, and décolletage visibly smooths away lines and wrinkles, provides a valuable source of moisture with a depot effect, and protects against environmental influences. Argan oil, amaranth seed extract, and hyaluronic acid provide an optimal anti-wrinkle effect. Learn More
  • Dr. Schellar Jojoba & Amla Oil Soothing Intensive Serum

    This serum is an intensive skincare product for sensitive skin. It calms irritation, reduces redness, and creates a protective layer so that the skin maintains its balance. Contains nourishing jojoba and amla oils, protective vitamin E, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. Learn More
  • Dr. Schellar Organic Pomegranate Anti-Wrinkle Intensive-Serum

    For toned and firm contours: The intensive serum is the optimal special skincare product for treating the effects of gravity on the facial contours. The youthful smoothing effect is derived from active components such as organic pomegranate seed oil, moringa seed oil, and hyaluronic acid that boost elasticity and tone as well as providing moisture. Learn More
  • Dr. Schellar Organic Wild Rose Anti-Age / De-Pigment Serum

    Anti-aging and de-pigmenting serum in one: This concentrate of precious organic wild rose oil has cell regenerating effects. The Rayolys Organic ingredient obtained from fruit extracts reduces the appearance of pigment spots and after just a few applications creates a more even and fresh complexion. Marula oil optimizes the level of moisture in the skin. It appears more toned, balanced, and youthfully fresh. Learn More
  • Dr. Schellar Thistle Oil & Chia Seeds Intensive Restructuring Care Day

    Very dry skin soaks up this highly concentrated, very rich restorative cream so that once again you can enjoy relaxed feeling skin. Added moisture remains in the skin thanks to ingredients such as safflower oil, chia seeds, and shea butter which work by replenishing lipids, storing moisture, and protecting the skin. Learn More
  • Kanai Apricot Kernel Oil (For Face & Body)

    This natural oil has strong anti-inflammatory benefits that soothe eczema and leave the skin soft and supple. Apricot kernel oil is also known for its ability to slow down visible signs of ageing. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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