Meiji Amino Collagen 200Gm

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Collagen in any form cannot penetrate through the skin. Only oral consumption is effective in supplementing the collagen that’s needed for the skin health.





Meiji Amino Collagen is a high quality protein nutritional supplement containing specific collagen peptide that makes skin healthy& naturally glowing.Collagen is a freely occurring protein in the body responsible for keeping skin supple and maintaining its elasticity.Daily intake of collagen is required to maintain optimal skin health.As ageing process begins, the skin loses its collagen resulting in loose skin. Thus causing wrinkles & creases, pigmentation, sagging and dry skin. Our body loses collagen due to pollution, wrong eating habits, stress and sun exposure. Normal Indian diet is collagen deficient whereas the daily intake of collagen should be approx. 5000 mg for our body.

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Size type 0 - 0.25 gm (ml)
Gender Men, Women
Skin Type All skin types
Country of Origin Japan

Collagen Peptide (5000 mg) is high quality, low molecular hydrolyzed fish collagenArginine (450 mg) increase blood circulation & enhances skin health Vitamin C (40 mg) helps in collagen synthesisGlucosamine (60 mg) is responsible for synthesis of hyaluronic acid which helps maintain skin moisture