Sublime Business

Like us, you are probably a young business, new to many things. Sometimes lack of time, sometimes lack of bandwidth and sometimes inexperience leads to missed opportunities. How do you manage your sourcing needs, who do you contact, what’s the best deal, so many questions get brushed under the carpet. We don’t know everything but we do believe that our experience and scale with cosmetics, hygiene and personal care products can help us serve you better. Sublime Business aims to do just that. If you are a SME or a young business with sourcing needs for personal care products, we give you the variety, pricing and logistics support you need. Regardless of the quantities you require or the frequency with which you buy, consider us as your virtual warehouse and reliable partner to source and supply your products at a click of a button.

We hope you find the convenience and product and service support so good, that you never have to think about sourcing your personal care product requirements and can actually focus on your core business that helps you grow faster.

Wishing you all the success in your venture and do help us help you grow your business as well.

Sublime Factory

We have a surprise in store for you!

Our factory is working behind the scenes to come up with a very innovative and highly customized solution for your personal care needs. Watch this space as it unfolds over the next few months!


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