B'Atude Exfoliating Organic Scrub

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Soft Exfoliates, moisturizing, remove dead skin cells, unified complexion, calming, smoothens the skin





This gentle face scrub encourages the cells to renew themselves by sweeping away the dead skin cells and the skin impurities. Fine particles obtained from the shells of Argan nuts, are tolerated by the most sensitive skins. Scrub particles are at the heart of a cream rich in organic shea butter and organic argan oil with moisturizing properties. Organic witch hazel extract decongests the skin while organic tea extract prevents time effect. This scrub reveals a unified complexion; your skin will be smoother and particularly softer.

Product Details

Product Type No
How To Use No
Size type 0 - 0.25 gm (ml)
Gender Men, Women
Skin Type Combination skin
Country of Origin Germany

Organic shea butter, Argan nut shell powder, Organic green tea, Organic Argan oil, organic Hamamelis

Hair Type No