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Dear Sublime Customer, 

We are excited to welcome you to Sublime Factory’s community. As your expert in personal care, we take great strides to find and source world-class products for you. Our collection of beauty, hygiene, and wellness products are designed for women, men, and children.Our factory curates brands from India and all over the globe, and features exceptional and niche varieties. We have a team of beauty and hygiene experts sharing professional tips and knowledge about the latest trends in the wellness and personal care industries.

For the first time, we are introducing topnotch brands into mainstream online shopping that blends the best India and the rest of the world has to offer. On our website, you’ll discover brands such as Milk & Co. featuring baby products made in Australia, Mojo providing exclusively for men’s hair care needs coming to you from the UK, Kose bringing you rice grain skincare products from Japan, and Jericho unearthing sea mineral cosmetics for women, SkinYoga creating 100% natural skincare products, and Iraya procuring fresh and herbal ingredients for women’s skincare products and cosmetics, among many others.

Our product offerings are designed with you in mind. We’ve journeyed to a village in England’s Lake District, sourced natural ingredients from the Himalayas, and found ingredients in Iceland’s greenhouses. Your days of shopping duty-free at the airport are long gone. We source products with the finest ingredients and ensure your favorite brand arrives at your doorstep with flexibility and ease. We come with mature industry experience, bringing a refreshing new perspective to your personal care needs.Your time to live a sublime life begins today. The best of international personal care and hygiene products have never felt closer to home.

We would love to know about your experience with Sublime Factory. If you would like to see a product featured on Sublime Factory, then please contact us via email: info@sublimefactory.com.

With your feedback, we aim to improve our product and service offerings.Find us online at ww.sublimefactory.com, and read about latest trends in beauty and wellness on blog.sublimefactory.com.

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Founders of Sublime Factory