Artisanals Coffee Coconut anti-cellulite body scrub

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This nourishing body scrub is perfect for getting rid of the cellulite on your body. Made with the goodness of coffee beans and coconut flour & cinnamon, it helps in removing cellulite from your body while moisturising and nourshing it. 100% chemical free and preservative free





Using coffee which is known to have anti cellulite properties, as it key ingrediant, this all natural body scrub will leave you feeling nourished like never before. Combine that with the moisturising properties of coconut flour and the anti bacterial cinnamon and you have a scrub that will not only remove impurities, bacteria and cellulite from your body but also leave it completely nourished and moisturised.

Product Details

Product Type Organic
How To Use  
Size type 0 - 0.25 gm (ml)
Gender Women
Skin Type All skin types
Country of Origin India
Ingredients Organic ground coffee, Coconut flour, Cinnamon, White sugar, Brown sugar
Hair Type N/A