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  • Kosmida cotidie - delicate cleanser 150 ml

    A cleanser for daily use that contains "sebum-like" ingredients that re-establish the skin's physiological hydrolipid film and restore barrier functions. Learn More
  • Kosmida cotidie- delicate shampoo 150 ml

    This shampoo has innovative washing properties that contain "sebum-like" ingredients which re-establishes the physiological hydrolipid film and restores correct sebaceous balance. Learn More
  • Kosmida eunorma - sebum restorative emulsion 100 ml

    It contains eco-certified ingredients of the plant lipoprotein nature in a base of natural oils and waxes of almonds and shea.It is a homogeneous, easily applied cream with immediate anti-redness and soothing activity. Learn More
  • Kosmida idrolio - hydrophilic cleansing oil 150 ml

    This product belongs to a new generation of cosmetics. It is a water-soluble oil with a base of glyceryl monocaprylate/caprinate, a molecule that is both lipophilic and hydrophilic, which solubilizes and captures skin impurities and removes them with the rinsing water. Learn More
  • Kosmida paidenia - nourishing protective emulsion 100 ml

    PAIDENIA can be used on the genital folds of the perianal, perineal area and on the inside of babies' thighs. It is a homogeneous and easily applied cream with immediate soothing effect , anti-eczema activity, which is useful for both treating and preventing nappy rash. Learn More
  • Kosmida paidovita - baby gel shampoo 150 ml

    Particularly suitable for the fragile hair of babies and newborns, this shampoo has innovative washing properties, with a base of a blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants with delicate refatting ingredients.It preserves the correct sebaceous balance. Learn More
  • Kosmida rinforcyl forfora - hair lotion for dandruff 10 bottles ( 8 ml each)

    A lotion that is useful for elective treatment of dry or greasy dandruff as well as any associated symptoms and signs. It rapidly eliminates skin peeling by using targeted active ingredients that gradually restore keratin and have a skin-purifying antiseptic action with full control of sebaceous secretions Learn More
  • Kosmida rinforcyl sebo - hair lotion antiloss10 bottles ( 8 ml each)

    Rinforcyl® Sebo lotion, with its sebum-balancing and purifying action, is useful for treating seborrhoeic dermatitis of the scalp. It guarantees immediate control of seborrhoea by means of its safe and rapid antiseptic and de-greasing properties without the ""rebound"" effect of sebaceous hypersecretion. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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